The easiest way to buy bitcoin online

As of writing this post, Bitcoin is sitting at around the $2.5k mark.  And now more and more people are buying into Bitcoin as an investment.

Now I can’t say whether or not the price of Bitcoin will continue to rise.  Some people believe it will reach $1 million due to the limited amount, others believe the opposite.  But I do think it’s an interesting investment opportunity.  High risk, but potentially high reward.

You may be looking to just buy a small amount for the fun, or you might be looking at taking a larger position as an investment.  So I thought I would share with you what I believe is the easiest way to buy bitcoin online.

Buying Bitcoin through Coinbase

In my opinion the easiest way to buy bitcoin online is through Coinbase.  They’re one of the few bitcoin sellers who accept credit card deposits and they are available in multiple countries around the world.

Registration and verification was painless and only took me a few minutes and I had made my first digital currency purchase within around 10 minutes!

Coinbase has a maximum amount you can purchase on a weekly basis, but this should be fine for most first time buyers.

Storing your Bitcoin

You can store your bitcoin in an online wallet such as coinbase, but you might also want to store it yourself.   If you have a large bitcoin investment, it’s best not to store it in an online or cloud based wallet as you run the risk of that service shutting down.

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