The best way to buy Alt Coins in Australia

Bitcoin is great – but there is a whole world of other Cryptocurrencies out there.  If you’re looking to start investing in some of the other coins and tokens, here is how to get started in Australia.

In the past it was a bit difficult to buy alt-coins.  You needed to first buy bitcoin, transfer to an exchange and then buy a coin.  And with Bitcoin fees being so high these days, this really is a very expensive way to buy alt-coins.  Thankfully, there is an alternative:


Coin Spot is by far the easiest way to buy alt coins in Australia.  They allow you to purchase coins using bank transfer or Poli payments (which are instant).  This saves you from having to first buy Bitcoin, transfer it to an exchange, and then buy an alt coin.

Currently CoinSpot offers a large selection of coins, and they seem to be regularly adding new ones. As a platform, they are well trusted and a member of ADCA.  CoinSpot is my go to for purchasing alt coins.

You can find out more about CoinSpot here


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