Cryptocurrencies I’m investing in this November

Time for a monthly roundup of the cryptocurrencies that I’ve been investing in this month.  As always, don’t take the following as investment advice.


Navcoin is an interesting currency.  It uses on proof-of-stake and pays interest on the coins you hold in your wallet.  This month its performed really well off the back of good progress being made on the platform.


Verge is an anonymous cryptocurrency.  Personally, I’m not too concerned with privacy, but I know many people are and are willing to pay for privacy.  So I believe there is significant value in a coin that offers privacy.  Nav Coin also allows private transactions, but it isn’t the sole focus of that coin.

I was really impressed by the development community of Verge with lots of libraries and support for various programming languages.  I’m quite bullish on where this coin could go so I invested for the first time in Verge this month.


Most of the headlines this month have been about Bitcoin.  No surprise – it’s had a pretty amazing month.  Bitcoin is a regular investment for me and I see it as a powerful store of wealth.


My biggest holding is in Ethereum.   I love Ethereum as a platform and it has huge potential to go mainstream.  Ethereum is a regular investment for me.  It has had a mega year this year, and my outlook is bullish over the coming 12 months.


I use Litecoin as an actual currency.  It’s so much cheaper and faster than bitcoin.  So as I use it, it makes sense that I invest in it as well.  Just like Ethereum and Bitcoin its a regular investment for me.

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