Coinspot adds support for Nano

Good news! You can now buy Nano (previously known as RaiBlocks) on CoinSpot.   Nano is one of my favorite cryptocurrencies.  Over the past couple of months it’s been added to more and more exchanges, and now it’s available on one of my fav exchanges CoinSpot.

What is Nano?

Nano is an upcoming cryptocurrency that offers fee free instant transfers.  Probably most importantly though, Nano is highly scalable.  There is real demand for a cryptocurrency that offers instant transfers – Nano could become the workhorse of the crypto world.

As of writing, Nano is a top 50 cryptocurrency – it shot up in value over 2017.

What is Coinspot

CoinSpot is a popular cryptocurrency exchange based in Australia.  What makes CoinSpot unique is that you can purchase altcoins using fiat currency.  Most alt coin exchanges only accept Bitcoin.  Meaning you first need to buy bitcoin, transfer it to the exchange and then buy coins.  This cuts out those middle steps making alt coin purchases much faster.

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