Buying Bitcoin with POLi

POLi is an australian payment method that makes paying with your bank account super easy and fast.

One of the biggest problems with wire/bank transfers are their speed.   They can take up to a week to clear.  By the time the money lands in your exchange account, the price of Bitcoin may have changed dramatically.   So it’s not very useful for purchasing Bitcoin.

POLi on the other hand is very different.  They make payments using your bank account happen instantly!   As a fully owned subsidiary of Australia Post they are a trusted and well supported option for online payments.

Where to Buy Bitcoin with POLi

There are lots and lots of exchanges in both Australia and around the world, but there are very few that I would actually recommend.    Thats because cryptocurrency exchanges have had a bad reputation in the past.  Some have just disappeared overnight, many provide awful customer service and most have badly designed interfaces.

My recommendation for you, is an exchange I actually use on a regular basis and passes my tests…


In my opinion CoinSpot is the best way to buy Bitcoin using POLi.  I use them on an almost daily basis to not only buy Bitcoin but a range of other coins.  They have a well designed and easy to use interface, are a member of ADCA (the Australian Digital Commerce Association) and have a good reputation in the Bitcoin community.

Buying Bitcoin with POLi on Coinspot is straight forward – you simply deposit funds into your account and then make a cryptocurrency purchase.  CoinSpot also handles sell orders, so you can easily sell your Bitcoin later on, and the money will be deposited into your bank account.

There are no fees for depositing via POLi, but you will be charged a small fee when you purchase Bitcoin.

You can find out more about CoinSpot here

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